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Private commemorative trip to Svalbard

Du mercredi 22 juin 2022 au mardi 28 juin 2022
Commemorative events

Oceanographic Institute
Prince Albert II Foundation
Prince Albert I Committee - 2022
Archives of the Prince’s Palace

Spitzberg, Feuille du Nord, 1910, Institut polaire norvégien

A commemorative trip to Spitsbergen, from Longyearbyen to 80o//North, following the route taken by Prince Albert I, is being organised by the Oceanographic Institute and the Prince Albert II Foundation, in close consultation with the Prince Albert I Committee and the Archives of the Prince’s Palace. This historical cruise will take place on board the ship "Commandant Charcot" (Compagnie du Ponant), with H.S.H. Prince Albert II present on board.

#Scientific campaigns and oceanography #Traveling